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Mother Of Boys

Posted on August 22nd, by Jwells in Thoughts. No Comments

I recently read an article about being a mother of boys. It made me start to think about why I am a mother of all boys. I took a step back and started to realize that I get a lot of comments about this. They all basically are like, “Wow, You have your hands full!” or “Oh my, all boys. Are you going to try for a girl?” It’s a funny thing that phrase “try for a girl”. You know God gave this amazing gift to husbands and wives. He allows us to be so intimate and become closer than ever with each other. But I do not think that there is a science to it for “trying for a girl”. God knows what he is doing, and He has already predetermined the outcome. It is just our job as a couple to trust Him.
With that being said, yes I have been chosen by God to raise three amazing Men of God. I know that to some that may feel a bit overwhelming, but to me it is an honor. I look at it this way. One day these boys are going … Read More »